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Harriman Middle School

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I'm new to the faculty of Harriman Middle School this year. As a special education teacher, I interact with many students on many levels, from teaching exploratory classes to special education classes. This year, I teach inclusion classes with sixth and eighth grade language arts, and I'm also teaching a sixth grade social emotional learning skills class during Pride Time, and also a seventh grade sign language exploratory class (Doesn't that sound like fun? It is!).
This year I plan to help our students gain not only knowledge and skills, but also confidence and new perspectives. Let's see what we discover and learn together!

Recent Posts

Syllabus for 6th Grade Pride Time

This class is a sixth grade intervention class for Pride Time at Harriman Middle School. It is focused strongly on social skills and also includes prevocational, vocational, executive, emotional, processing, and self-care skills. 

Harriman Middle School addresses many aspects of social skills with the very popular program of Houses, where our students are mixed with older students for role models and partners in learning (and fun). This class has weekly and daily areas of focus within our sixth grade community of students.


100 Basic Signs by Dr. Bill Vicars

Our sign language class will learn most if not all of these 100 signs. Dr. Vicars has been teaching American Sign Language for over 20 years and is very passionate about it. He is Deaf/hh and his wife is d/Deaf. Dr. Vicars has a doctorate degree in Deaf Education / Deaf Studies, and he is a full-time tenured ASL Instructor at California State University (Sacramento). See his wonderful, free resources offered at ASL University.

I Can Tell That We Are Going to Be Friends (ASL video)

This song will teach many basic ASL signs, and it's a joy to hear as well. :)

Syllabus for 7th Grade Sign Language

Seventh graders who rotate through this course this year will learn the following skills in American Sign Language:
Alphabet letter signs, fingerspelling skills and speed
Number signs 0 - 1,000,000!
Adjectives and Adverbs
Verbs, including verb tenses
Sign lyrics to songs, and act out skits in basic ASL
Deaf Culture and ways to respect and assist Deaf/HH people
Students will become fluent enough to communicate on a competent level completely using American sign language.