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Harriman Middle School

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Harriman Middle School

Math Syllabus

Mr. McDonald

Grade 8




Grading procedure:  We will be using the “Standards Based Grading” system this year in all academic classes.  This is a weekly test covering only the standard covered that week. The assessment will also have two previously covered standards on the same assessment that will result in three different grades from a single assessment.  If the students score a 75 or below on the current standard, then they will be required to retest on that specific standard.  Each student who retests will be required to complete an assignment the teacher gives prior to retesting (MASH).  My Test day is always on Wednesday, and my Mash day is always on Friday.


Grading scale: A: 93-100; B: 85-92; C: 75-84; D: 70-74; F: Below 70.


Assignments and Evaluations: We will take a weekly assessment and will have a suggested homework assignment almost daily.  The suggested assignment will not be graded but is necessary to fully understand and practice the skills presented in class.


Attendance Policy:  Three tardies results in an office referral (school policy).  All excused absences will be given an equal time to complete missing assignments and tests.  It is the student's responsibility to make arrangements with me.  



The instructor reserves the right to make changes to the syllabus as long as the students are notified.


8.G Geometry