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Seventh Grade Math Syllabus

  1. The student will change core classes every 43  minutes with a 4-minute break between each class.  During this 4-minute break, the student will be allowed to return to his/her locker and use the restroom. The student will be expected to arrive to class and be prepared without being tardy. In order to be prepared, the student must have all needed materials, pencil sharpened and be near their seat before the tardy bell begins to ring.

  1. The student will receive an assignment book that will be required in each class. This

assignment book is to be filled out in every class and will serve as a communication

tool with the parent. I have an assignment board clearly visible within the

room for the student to write down daily assignments. This board measures 4 x 8 feet in size, thus allowing for no excuses as to not being able to write down their assignment.  The parent needs to look at and sign this assignment book weekly.

  1. Homework is rarely given in more than two subjects on a daily basis. Most students will have very little math homework on a daily basis.  Parents might expect more homework at the beginning of the year. The amount of homework will reduce as students learn to better manage their time in class.  

  1. Make-up work is the responsibility of the student. The student will have only the

amount of time missed to make-up the assignments for an excused absence. For

example: if the student missed two days, then they have two days after returning to

make-up the required assignments. It will be the student’s responsibility to turn in the missed work without reminders from the teacher. Students will be required to present a note to the office for each absence or they will be given an unexcused absence. I have a folder in my room that will contain any worksheets they have missed and the assignment will still be on the board.  

  1. A calculator will be used in class for some assignments.  The calculator will be provided for the student and will not be taken out of the room.  The students will be allowed to use calculators to gain a working knowledge of a basic function calculator.  You may want to purchase a calculator for your own personal use but you will be required to use mine during class.  We use a TI-15 in 6th and 7th grade.

  1. We will be using technology weekly during each grading period.  The program is individualized and self-paced. It allows each student to take a series of tests and then assigns them various skills based on how they did on the tests.  I will periodically give assessments and take grades on their work during their time on the computer.

   Rules and Consequences

The rules are posted in the classroom and visible to the students at all times. The students are expected to follow these rules along with the school rules listed in the student “Code of Conduct” handbook.  The handbook was given to each student on registration day.

The school has the same rules for each class.  BE READY, BE RESPECTFUL, and


The consequences for breaking the rules are as follows:  

  1. Warning-stay after class for one minute
  2. Penalty (Writing Facts or Definitions)
  3. After School Detention
  4.                    Saturday School
  5.                                                                                            In-School Suspension
  6.                    Out-of-School Suspension


Grading scale for Roane County





F- Below 70

Math is graded using the following breakdown: Quizzes and Standards Assessments = 85%

     Nine Week Test = 15%

Homework will be graded by the teacher and by the student because this is viewed as practice.  

Standards Based Grading:

We are using a “Standards Based Grading” system school wide this year.  All the grades taken in a subject will reflect a single standard. Math assessments will only occur on Wednesdays unless they are retesting and that may occur on any day after remediation of that skill.  I will teach a single standard and the skills needed to master it for an entire week and then the students will take a six question assessment. If the student misses three or more of the questions then they are required to retest.  I will have the student come to a remediation session on that skill during “MASH” time on Fridays. I will then give them a chance to retest and I will keep the higher grade. The Wednesday math assessments will have 18 questions. Six questions on the new skill just learned and 6 more on two different review skills.  I will take 3 grades from each assessment. Retesting only occurs on the new skill.

* The standards based grading scale follows:

6 Correct  = 100

5 Correct  = 93

4 Correct  = 85 Students are given one chance to retest if below an 85

3 Correct  = 75 on new standards only.

2 Correct  = 70

1 Correct  = 60

0 Correct  = 50

Folders and Books

My math class requires a folder to keep all their work. It needs to be a pocket folder with brads in the center. ALL work should be kept in this folder, and it should be brought to class daily. The textbooks are consumable.  Each student will be assigned two textbooks. We will mainly work out of one in class together and I will assign additional practice out of the other one.  Sometimes the student may need to take the one from class home to help them complete the work in the other book. The books are to be written in and will be used all year, so if one or both are lost then the student will not receive another one unless it is purchased by the student.  

Progress Reports

The students will receive a Progress Report 4 ½ weeks through each grading period. Grade Cards will be issued five school days after the end of every Nine-Week grading period.

Contacting The Teacher

I encourage students and parents to call me if they have a question or concern.  My home telephone number is listed below. Please call before 9 PM and I will not return a call after 9 PM.  I have an answering service and I will return calls if I can. I can also be reached at school between 8:00 and 3:30.  If a parent wants to communicate by email my school account is also listed. I also have a webpage that will have announcements and important information. My webpage will also contain lesson plans for each week and the previous weeks.  You may access this web page by going to the school web page ( and then clicking on faculty webpage and then my name.

HMS:  882-1727

CELL:  394-3338


Classroom Procedures:

*I have an assignment board in my room that contains the assignment for every day. The board measures 4’ x 8’, so there is no reason a student should not be able to get the assignment.  I put up the new assignment each day but leave the old assignments up also. For example: on Tuesday I will enter Tuesday’s assignment. Monday’s assignment is still up on the board until the next Monday.  This gives the student the opportunity to write down the assignment if he or she was absent the previous day. I also have a basket that contains folders with any worksheets or handouts that were missed by the student.  The folder is labeled by class period and the worksheet or handouts will have the students name written on it. If a test or quiz was missed then they can see me after class to make arrangements to take the test or quiz.  Sometimes before or after school is an available time to make up tests and quizzes. ALL STUDENTS have an assignment book and should be bringing it home every week to be signed.

*I do not pick up any assignment on the day it is assigned unless it is a test or quiz.  I will collect papers in class on the next day so there is no reason a student should not be able to take any work home to be reviewed by a parent.

*I do not like to say I have a “no homework” policy; however, I do have a different approach to homework than most students are accustomed to.  I have suggested assignments. I am trying to teach the students that we all are lifelong learners that require different amounts of effort at different times.


I will give an assignment nearly every day in class.  Some students may finish and some may not. I will suggest that they finish at home.  I will usually give an additional assignment that I “suggest” the students work on. These assignments will be written on my lesson plans and on my assignment board.  They are not required but most students will need the additional practice to fully understand the concept. The following day I will discuss the additional assignment and allow questions but may not actually take it up.  If a student has always been a very strong math student then these additional assignments may not be necessary. I try to encourage all students to do the “suggested” assignments in the beginning but later in the year some students may not need to do all the review assignments. I will keep track of the completion of these assignments to help track their progress.

*It is usually cold in my room and I have instructed the students to bring a jacket or sweatshirt if they need to.   The temperature outside may be very hot and they may be dressing in accordance but usually inside the building the temperature is quite different.

*I do not mind if a student wants to bring plain bottled water to my room.  It can’t be flavored water because of the sugar content that causes stickiness if spilled.  It must have a lid and be able to sit in the floor beside the desk. I do not mind an occasional sip of water as long as it is not a distraction.

*Students will not be allowed to go to the restroom unless it is medically necessary or an “occasional emergency”.  If students are drinking bottled water in class and continue to have “emergencies” of going to the restroom then I will ask them to not drink water in my room unless it is medically necessary.  The students have the opportunity to go every hour between classes.

*I have a policy of PENCILS ONLY in my class.  If you do any work in ink I will not accept it.

*All students were given two text books. If the textbook is lost or damaged then the student will be responsible.  The textbooks are used daily in class.  I will provide additional copies of the page we are working on in class occasionally but a new textbook will have to be purchased if it is lost or damaged beyond use.  I will notify parents of missing textbooks after a couple of class periods without it.

*I have extra pencils (without erasers) and paper to be borrowed occasionally. I also have hand-sanitizer and tissues.  These items are provided by me for all students. During cold and flu season I do accept donations of tissues for use with the classes.



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Welcome to 7th grade!! I am so excited to be moving to the 7th grade with my students from last year.  I am thankful to have the opportunity to spend my days with this awesome group of students.  Math becomes more challenging each and every year but I know that we will have many great successes as this year unfolds.

Important Information

I will have important information posted here every week and encourage you to check frequently.
I have some detailed lesson plans under the Weekly Assignments page.
I post notes used in class under my Lesson Plans page if you need a copy of them.
Important Points to Improve Grades:
Students need to be reviewing all previous work and assessments in their folders every night before their assessment day.
Math is always on Wednesday.
Homework is very rarely required but I do keep track if it is not completed.  At least one assignment each week is given to help ensure the student has adequate practice before the assessment on Wednesday.