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Harriman Middle School

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Mission Statement

The mission of Harriman Middle School, in partnership with families and the community, is to create a safe and positive learning environment for all students where they can become independent, creative, and responsible citizens.



We believe that:

o    The purpose of Harriman Middle School is to assist students in setting and attaining their goals and becoming productive members of their community and society.

o    A child should be provided a safe and positive learning environment in which life skills are taught to ensure independence, creative thinking, and socialization.

o    It is the collective responsibility of society to provide each child with a positive opportunity to grow socially, intellectually, physically, and spiritually.

o    All students have the potential and responsibility to develop and improve themselves socially, intellectually, emotionally, and physically.

o    Students should be provided a variety of experiences tailored to individual learning styles as appropriate.

o    School should be a safe environment for students where they are accepted for their individual differences and are free from harassment.

o    Students, teachers, and community members need to work together to develop an appreciation for the culture, heritage, and environment of this place.



o    to provide experiences in the fundamental tools of learning and communication to better prepare students to live in a changing environment while connecting to the traditions of the past

o    to encourage all students to learn to make wise decisions

o    to assist students in accepting responsibility for their actions

o    to teach the principals of democracy and the social skills necessary for developing good citizenship

o    to provide students with the knowledge and skills to use a variety of technologies necessary to succeed in today’s work force

o    to assist students in the achievement of sound mental and physical health by instilling the concept of self-worth

o    to establish patterns of critical thinking which encourage learning in adult life

o    to develop an understanding of conditions conducive to successful family life

o    to contribute to the aesthetic and ethical development of the individual

o    to aid and encourage students to make wise use of leisure time

o    to develop an appreciation of diversity that will encourage a safer, more tolerant school environment

o    to strengthen the bond between school and community so that students see the local place as a vital part of their own past, present, and future.


Our Students will be, with your help...
Effective Communicators
Critical and creative problem solvers
Able to work with others
Respectful of authority
Computer literate
Capable of appreciating the fine arts
Better decision makers
Socially skillful
Physically and mentally healthy
Life-long learners
Able to adapt to change
Honest, fair, and dependable
Competent in basic mathematics
Positive and have confident attitudes
Understanding in the governmental process
Competent in the use of research tools
Aware of the needs of the less fortunate
At grade level in reading and math
Meeting all NCLB standards
Respectful of government
Ready, respectful, and responsible