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Harriman Middle School


At Harriman Middle School, we are dedicated to the highest level of teaching and learning, where:


  • Create individualized learning goals and track progress with teacher support
  • Can verbalize how they are loved and cared for by teachers, leaders, parents, and each other
  • Are ready, respectful, and responsible in regards to their educational experience and actively participate in school activities
  • Foster empathy and caring for self and community through service learning
  • Use frequent formative assessment and analysis of data to adjust their teaching and personalize learning
  • Incorporate new teaching strategies so students are learning through action, dialogue, lab work, and hands-on activities
  • Participate in frequent and practiced professional development, including professional learning communities, book studies, and observations of colleagues
  • Maintains a daily schedule to create regular times for teachers to work together, collaborate, and learn from each other
  • Employs a positive behavior intervention system designed to decrease disruptions and accelerate good decision making
  • Stays current in technology
  • Utilizes local resources and parents in a variety of ways
Parents and Community:
  • Enjoy frequent opportunities to visit the school and learn strategies to help the students become successful and productive citizens
  • Influence collaboration through their participation on school leadership teams and organizations
  • Provide valuable resources to create learning partnerships with students, teachers, other parents, and the community